Kent’s Finest Ploughman’s Lunch Box


A visit to the Kent countryside requires a Kentish Ploughman’s lunch.  Add some cold beer or cider and you’ve got the perfect take away picnic.

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Pack Kent’s Finest Ploughman’s Lunch in a box!

Take yourself back to simpler times when snaffling a quick sausage roll on the go, would have been seen as insane.  Cottage Box provides everything you need to fill up on Kent’s finest produce in a convenient carry anywhere box. This is a Ploughman’s Lunch Picnic for 2-4 people.

Dig into a fresh loaf of bread sourced from local countryside bakeries
Roughly slice some Cheddar from Winterdale Shaw
Add a Wedge of Ashmore Farmhouse Cheese
Thick sliced Kentish Honey Roasted Ham
Slather over some Cheese Board Chutney
and furthermore, fill the gaps on the plate and in your stomach with Kentish Apples, Nuts, and Pickled Onions

We highly recommend supplementing Kent’s Finest Ploughman’s Lunch with a few bottles of Curious Apple Cider

While traditionally served cold, this substantial Ploughman’s Lunch Picnic will leave you feeling like you’ve just eaten a roast dinner.

Here are 10 pretty picnic spots in Kent to enjoy your Ploughman’s:


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Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 22 × 26 cm

Cottage Box

Allergy Information

Contains Nuts and Dairy

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